Monday, December 21, 2009

My Friend is Made of Fail - 21/12/09

The first monthly award for “My Friend is Made of Fail” goes to my good friend James. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is a very good friend, and nobody is more supportive of my writing than him, but really…

Nobody has more issues with getting into a tin than James.

First, it was those tins of corned beef, with the opener attached. Not only would the built-in opener not work, the lip of the tin was too high for a normal can opener to access. One bread knife and a few mouthfuls of metal filings later, there was some success. Nor was this an isolated event, as apparently he always has these issues with the corned beef tins. Epic fail.

Then, it was the pie tin. One bread knife, can opener, bottle opener, several minutes of wailing, and pair of steel clippers later, Jim was the winner! The fact he proceeded to pretend to stab me with the lid is forgiven as getting carried away in the glory of the moment. Apparently though, after all that effort, the steak was good, but the crust was soggy. This from James after consuming his hard-won dinner –
“It was indeed a pie encased in frustration, crusted with fail and filled with win, dotted with occasional unpleasant surprises.”
So James, for your inability to get to the tasty treat concealed inside a tin-can, you win this month’s “My Friend is Made of Fail”. A new can-spanner is heading your way after the Post-Christmas sales!

(Note that, if we had an award called “My Friend is Made of Win”, James would also win that, for coming up with the idea for “My Friend is Made of Fail”. <3)

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