Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Belated Happy Monday – 21-22/12/09

And we’re back to Happy Monday! Unfortunately, due to some technical issues (namely my wireless internet not having reception at my grandparents place), it’s going to air a little later than initially planned. So, what was making my Monday bearable?

Funny Place Names – Nar Nar Goon, Garfield, Robin Hood, Bunyip, Labertouche. Yes, the road signs of the M1/A1 provided hours of entertainment on our roadtrip, with everyone pointing out a funny sounding name. There seems to be a high concentration of these just East of Melbourne. Repetition of street and creek names also came up, with at least three Cabbage Tree creeks, Reedy creeks, and First streets. Boundary Road took the cake, with at least one every second or third town!

Calves – They’re everywhere! Tiny bundles of Jersey, Frisian, assorted dairy cow cuteness! Every few kilometres heard the exclamation of “Look, baby moos!” from someone in the car. Every road trip there seems to be some sort of baby animal, last time we went across Gippsland it was lambing season! Update – Went to Mogo Zoo today, and there were new born deers, a newly dropped buffalo calf, and even a young gibbon giving it’s mum some trouble. Hours of “awwwww”.

New socks – When your boyfriend and his housemates start teasing you about your religious socks (yes, they were quite holey, to the point they were in fact more hole than sock), it’s time to buy some new ones! And the best bit? The first time you actually pull them on, and they’re all soft and new, with no holes or worn out bits. Yes, small things, but awesome!

Black Bull – A tapas restaurant on Moorabool St in Geelong, and pretty much my new favourite place to eat. Discovered it a few weeks ago between househunting and Christmas shopping, and have been a few times for lunch since, including once with the Muso. Everything is delicious (especially try the croquettes if you go, just yum!), and fairly well prices. The atmosphere is also great, with beautiful décor, and really cool staff.

Barefoot lawn bowls – Staff Christmas party was on Sunday, and after surfing for a few hours, we all went over to the lawn bowls club for a couple of games. Awesome fun, great to hang out with people, have a few drinks, and a whole lot of laughs. Even if I came last in every single end I played!

What about you, my loyal readers? What has been making you smile this week?

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