Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday - 18/01/10

After a few weeks without it, Happy Monday is back! Why?

I got a house! – Yes, after 16 inspections, over 100 emails to agents, 8 applications and 7 rejections, I finally got offered a rental! It's a gorgeous little place in South Geelong, a federation house split into two units. Two bedrooms, beautiful leadlight windows, good natural light, a kitchen! Don't laugh, I've been living without a kitchen since November, I want to be able to cook again! It's just incredibly me. I sign the lease and pay the bond today, and get the keys on the third. Since this is the first place that I've had that will be 'mine' as opposed to sharing with other people, I'm pretty darned excited! Ok, so I'll be sharing with my mum a bit, but it's still my space, and going to be filled with my gear, and it's something I'm really looking forward to. I've already started rearranging the furniture in my head, and have a heap of ideas that I'd love to try out, including this cute butterfly project from LollyChops, and perhaps trying to make my own canopy for my bed. Only 16 days to go!!! I promise more photos when I get the keys!

New Years Celebrations – Yes, it's taken me 3 weeks, but it was the best New Years Eve I've ever had! The Muso took me to the New Years on the Waterfront party in Geelong, and even with the rain, it was amazing. Watched Sound Relief with a few beverages before we went, bussed it to town, got caught in the rain as soon as we got there, found some mates to hang out will, danced the night away, got an airbrush tattoo of Maidre, rang in the new year watching Eskimo Joe and firework lit kisses, some more Eskimo Joe, and then hit up Lamby's where we caught up with some more friends. The rain only made things that much better, not only the cool change, but the entertainment provided by girls who hadn't thought ahead complaining about ruined hair, running makeup, and muddy shoes. As for myself, it had been far too hot when we were getting ready to put on make up, it would have just melted, and as my hair was refusing to cooperate due to humidity, I had just pinned it up and not gone overboard. Add to that the fact it looked like rain so I wore my new Ipanema Gisele Bundchen sandals, and I was dancing in the rain, not running from it! Of course, I forgot to take photos!The night finished up with a record breaking 40 min wait for a taxi (we've waited longer on a uni night), an interesting cab ride home, me not doing a backflip in the front yard, freaking out about leaving my handbag in the taxi only to discover I'd put it around the Muso's neck while not doing backflips, and watching the end of Sound Relief whilst plotting a trip to Brazil (!!!). Best. New. Years. Ever.

Butterfly heels – I saw these beautiful shoes just before Christmas, but didn't buy them, because I couldn't afford both them and my brother's Christmas present. Went back on New Year's Eve, and there they were, on sale, half price. Meant to be. I had to take a pair back, because I actually initially bought the wrong size (despite trying them on first, who knows what happened there?), but these ones fit perfectly, and I've been wearing them all over the place. To be honest, I never want to take them off, but thanks to some nasty weather, and their satin finish, they've not been going outside, for their own good. This purchase has also reawaken my desire to wear heels all the time, so some more pairs are finding their way out of storage today!

Taken @ Jan Juc

Honourable mentions – Jupiter hits Pisces today, let the good times roll! Avatar in 3D, Sherrie @ Maxwell Collins (Poor woman showed me through so many houses she must have thought I was stalking her!), getting awesome ideas from Apartment Therapy, The 'purple-headed yoghurt slasher' cocktail by Tony @ work, sticking to new years resolutions, having high heels out of storage, rediscovering why I love, House & SYTYCD Australia are coming back!

So my readers, what is making you smile this week?

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