Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some place you'd rather be

The problem with having a few days off is that you never really want to go back to the old routine. I’ve spent the last two glorious sunny days cooped up inside wishing that I was back down in Torquay, lazing about on the beach, soaking up the autumn sun. Instead of sitting curled up in an armchair, I’d much rather be walking barefoot along cool, moonlit sand. I’d rather be pulling on the neoprene and taking another surf lesson than shrugging into a white coat and staring down a microscope for hours. And I’d rather be in a buzzing restaurant, listening to some cool music, sipping a crisp glass of white, and hanging with good friends, rather than in an empty house, or a dead campus.

Unfortunately, certain responsibilities have to come before such leisurely pursuits. So whilst I’d rather be on the coast, living the good life, I’ll be dragging myself into uni every morning, and going through the motions, and trying not to complain too much. Things still aren’t too busy in the lab, so maybe I’ll still be able to escape into the sunlight for a couple of hours a day, even if I won’t be down the beach, diving into the whitewash. Doesn’t mean that I can’t occasionally indulge in a daydream of sun, sand and surf!

Where would you rather be? What is stopping you from getting there?

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