Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday - 27/04/09

So You Think You Can Dance - Well, it's all over as of last night, but man it was fun to watch! I was so excited that Charlie got into the top 2, and was convinced he'd win it, but alas, it was not meant to be. Still, loved it, and can envisage myself jumping on the net to watch random routines whenever I feel down!

TripleSix Hair Designs - TripleSix is awesome. I discovered her work when I was trying to figure out my 'look' early last year, and have been dying to get some of her product. My fringe got here today. Next on the list - blonde and purple dreadfalls - hello!

Julian Wilson - He's not only a young, hot, and insanely talented surfer (to the point he 'invented' a new trick called the 'Sushi Roll'), he's also pushing breast cancer awareness. Donating prize money and proceeds from auctioning boards to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and riding pink boards bearing the slogan 'Chicks Check Ya Tits', he's making moves to try to encourage young women to be aware, after his own mum battled and won her fight thanks to early detection. How can you not love him?

Random Txts - I usually only get these when people I know are having a big night out, and I have sent more than my fair share. Still, sometimes you get one that makes you go 'awwwww'. Those beat the hell outta the ones that make you go 'huh?', which are also fun, but more often confusing.

My Rip Curl jacket - Ok, well it was The Muso's, then I nicked off with it. Why? Cause it's warm, it's way oversized, it's waterproof, which has been very helpful in the last two weeks, and he left it on top of all my stuff. I'm such a Rip Curl junkie now, half the time it looks like they're sponsoring me.

Hot Chocolate with a shot of hazelnut - Mmmmmmm. It's like dissolving a big spoon of Nutella in a cup of hot milk, and it's soooo good!

Trip Planning - My mum gets here on Wednesday! This means I've been racking my brain for all the things we're going to do (mainly because I have to figure out how I'm fitting in uni stuff around her visit!). Graduation, dinners, shopping. All planned out, and all very looked forward to!

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