Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Monday – 6/09/10

Never has a week so desperately required one of my Happy Monday reflections! In the last week I've received bad news, broken some of my favourite items (twice things falling off benches while I'm on the opposite side of the room!), dropped a friend's external hard drive, broke a Boston glass at work, had my phone go missing, and was yelled at by a bus driver for helping a guy with change for his fare. After a week like that, I really had to embrace the good things, to remind myself that I'm still incredibly lucky.

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I discovered 3things Australia this week through @kateausburn, who is a regular contributor and editor. It's a great initiative, with articles covering a huge array of subjects but always relating back to the same thing – social justice. The pieces are short, but thought provoking, and I've found that I'll keep thinking about the topic long after I've gone back to studying. My three picks? Teabags that can filter water (!), Freetrade Tea, and 'iPhone not in green zone?'

The University Blog has an interesting post this week, What's so potty about a Harry Potter Course, which asks the question why people, in particular the media, go up in arms when new modules/units/subjects at universities are released that deal with contemporary or popular culture. Personally, I think it's great that a university is looking at the impact on education that such an influential series of books has had.

Traci Harding – I've enjoyed Traci's writing since reading the Gene of Isis several years ago. This week I finally finished reading The Ancient Future Trilogy. Loved every moment of it. Even got a little bit teary in sections. Her writing seems a little odd as far as Fantasy novels go, in that it starts very based in mythic/medieval fantasy, and then progresses very much into the Sci-Fi world, but I enjoy her writing immensely. Epic struggles for power, time travel, martial arts, discussions on the impact of manifestations of positive or negative intent. Food for thought, with interesting characters to guide you on your way.

Planning Travel – Okay, so it's not quite Brazil, but The Muso, Matho, Mentor, Lady Young and I are off to Tasmania over the new year for Falls Festival! I've never been to a music festival before, so I'm incredibly excited already, even more so considering that we're turning it into an almost 2-week road-trip. My new Filofax is proving itself to be hugely helpful in the planning of what promises to be a gargantuan trip, as has Microsoft OneNote 2010 (More on this winning combo another time). I must have been a Virgo in another life, because whilst the laid back, artsy mood of the festival appeals hugely to the Pisces in me, I am already organising transport, making lists, plotting adventures... Now I just have to save like crazy to afford the trip! Add to this the fact I'm going home to see the family later this month, I've been bitten by the travel bug!

I'm actually really excited for a few other people at the moment too. Mumma Dryad has been putting a lot of effort lately into finding herself, and things seem to be coming up rosy. Really looking forward to travelling home to see her in a few weeks to share in her continuing journey. My grandparents are also out and about in the world, having jumped ship for some remarkably warm and sunny weather over in the UK, bit exciting for them I must say, and enjoying the postcards. One of the lovely girls in my lab just got engaged too, which has become essentially the sole topic on conversation at uni for the last week.

I realised today that I've gone about 3 weeks without getting so much as tipsy. That's not to say I haven't been drinking, I've had a drink or two after most of my shifts, but I'm not drinking nearly as much as I have in the past, either days per week or drinks per session. Ladies Night @ Crown a few weeks back would have been the closest I've been, but I actually drank a lot less than what I would have on a normal night out at a club. The body is loving it, the wallet is definitely appreciating the effort, and I feel pretty damned good about it! I also keep having the urge to go running, which is weird, cause I actually really dislike running, but given the decline in drinking, I may give it a shot and see if this is my body's way of telling me to shape up. Mind you, if it starts telling me to diet, it can go jump.

Monday Lovin' heading your way,

Neysa xo

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