Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Monday – 01/03/10

Happy Monday (aside from having been written a day early because I plan on sleeping til at least noon) is taking on a slightly different format, as I don't want to start repeating myself near constantly with the same things being great every week! So, Mondays are becoming a cross between my favourite net-finds and blog posts of the week, a few things that are making me smile, and maybe a life update if I think it's blog-worthy!

Some more housekeeping - 'Tight-ass Tuesday' is being scrapped, and has been swallowed by 'The Student Guide', since being a student tends to go hand-in-hand with belt-tightening. My Friend Is Made of Fail is also getting shelved until my friends and I start doing things again that involve the phrase "Epic Fail". I am going to try to post at least 3 times a week, for the Guide, Foodie Friday, and a new segment, that I will get to in a second. Email link is now also fixed, so you can contact me with ease. Now on with the show!

Tea for… - I spend a lot of time at the Erskine River Tea House in Lorne when I have time off during the day. A lot being 2.5 hours yesterday, 2 hours today, and probably another visit tomorrow. Probably not surprising, seeing as everyone who knows me knows I love tea, and the vibe down there is great. I've also been brainstorming a bit for Dryad's Diatribe, and trying to figure out what direction I want the blog to take, how I can improve, and all that jazz. Then, after a few words with the lovely ladies down there, I suddenly realised that maybe I've been barking up the wrong tree. All this time, I've been trying to figure out what to blog about, aside from The Student Guide, and it was always sitting right next to me as I wrote – Tea! It's a passion, it's something I know a fair bit about, and it's a never ending subject, perfect for a blog. I know there are a lot of tea blogs out there, but hopefully I can add something new and interesting to the mix. Now to think up an original name!

The other day I went looking for a bright red lippy, and stumbled onto Chi Chi "Ain't No Other Red" lip lacquer and I'm So Hot Right Now nail polish. They are the same shade, both a gorgeous fire-truck red, and the lippy was actually the only bright red I could find, with most other brands having various shades of pink or burgundy. I use Chi Chi's eyeshadow range, and figured I'd give these two products a shot too. The lip lacquer has a wand applicator, is bright and glossy, and has decent wear, though it does come off on everything, so needs to be reapplied if you're kissing people (The Muso did not appreciate lipstick smudges on his cheek) or not drinking out of a straw. Very much in love, as it was exactly the colour I was searching for, and adds some oomph to my look. Target was running a promo that if you bought the lippy you got the nail polish for free, so picked it up at the same time. So far so good, but it will get the ultimate test tonight behind the bar!

Mermaid in a Manhole blogged on Saturday about Bento Boxes, and I'm inspired! I really want to give this a go, especially when I go back to uni. Bit hard at the moment living so many days a week without a kitchen, but something to think about when I'm back in the house full-time! My mum used to pack us some really good lunch boxes when we were kids, and I still try to make my own lunch as often as possible, as opposed to eating out (kind of difficult some days though!), and having a cute, interesting packed lunch to look forward to will hopefully encourage me to stop eating junk!

Not Always Right is a collection of all those wonderfully stupid things customers say. I hear a lot of stupid things at work, especially after patrons have had a few drinks, but this site was a great pick-me-up after a rough night shift. Thanking the gods I don't work in a call centre.

I got my highest ranking in a game of poker on Thursday, finishing 4/33 at The Ponds. I've been playing a fair bit recently thanks to The Muso, Mentor and Matho, and after finally reaching the final table, don't feel like I'm letting the team down quite so much. Ok, so it's not the finest example of a poker game, but I was not-so-quietly stoked. Sadly, my good form/luck did not continue at a second game at The Barwon Club on Thursday night, but it was all good fun, and I'm learning from my frequent mistakes.

Got to catch up with some good friends in the last week or so, first at a friend's Masquerade Ball 21st, and then on Wednesday talking all night with YoungLady and playing with her cute pup, followed by a delicious pancake & bacon breakfast by Matho the next morning, followed by an afternoon of poker with the boys, a night of poker with Mentor (who beat Toolio!), and a brief stint at the Elbow (alas, no singing on my part). Days off manage to get jam packed full of social goodness! Let's hope this trend continues for the two days I have off this week for my birthday!


I really need to learn to stop writing blogs right before I need to go to work!

Signing off for another night on the wrong side of the bar,

Neysa xoxo

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